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There was a time when freelancing wasn't much heard of. Not many people knew what it was, and the few who knew it showed not much interest in taking it up. Now, all that has seen a sea change. The freelance economy is buzzing with activity. Many new freelance websites are coming up in the digital arena. Many more aspirational entrepreneurs are keen in starting-up freelancing websites. Before to knowing about the rising demand for freelance websites and how to meet that demand, let's have a brief glimpse into some facts of the freelance economy.

The rising freelance economy: the wave of the future

Did you know that freelance economy's contribution to the overall economy is rising year after year? What does this trend signify? It simply signifies the changing mindset of both employers and employees. It is indeed a paradigm shift. Multiple are the reasons to witness the freelance workforce becoming bigger and bigger.

A number of regular full-time employees are shifting to freelancing owning to the flexible schedule it offers, the freedom to work from home, to escape commutation woes, etc. There is also a section of regular employees who continue with their full-time job but pick up freelancing jobs to earn extra money. They can also choose working for different verticals that interest them. While these being the main reasons, there are also individual-specific personal reasons that make freelancing an advantage.

The option of freelancing has only grown with the advent of innovation in the technologies. Without the Internet and coming up of freelancing websites, the popularity of freelancing would not have happened.

Surprisingly, even the employers are increasing moving to hire freelancers for their jobs. Ask them, they will tell a list of advantages. They can reduce the number of full-time employees, budget costs, and hire experienced freelancers.

Most people not into freelancing are of the belief that such jobs pay only less. In reality, it is not the case. It totally depends on what skills each freelancer possesses, and also on the particular employer. There are instances where freelancers make money much higher than full-timers.

Another myth propagated is that only small and medium businesses hire freelancers. This was a case previously but not anymore. With the freelancing industry becoming mainstream, many corporations are also taking it seriously and are having a growing number of freelancers as part of their workforce. The freelance economy is, therefore, here to stay and will hence become the wave of the future.

Growing demand for new freelance platforms and ways to meet it

With the rise of the freelance economy, the need for a modern freelance marketplace platform is growing. Such a marketplace should effortlessly connect freelancer and employers, who offer a wide range of jobs like SEO, website content writing, graphic designing, web development, animation, copywriting, UX designing, typesetting, fashion designing, photography, data entry, etc.

Entrepreneurs planning to startup a freelance website and make it their business model have to choose an excellent software for creating a website. They have to take a decision if they want to go for freelance bidding model or portfolio model or jobs model, or all of these combined. The excellent, cutting-edge clone software which are developed by replicating successful Freelancer, Behance and Coroflot websites will be the best option to create a freelance website. The clone software can also be customized. Launching a freelance website can, therefore, become easier, that too, with an admirable quality, next-generation features, awesome designs and easy navigation.


Ambitious entrepreneurs who are set to launch a freelance website can succeed with proper implementation of this business plan. Also, taking advantage of the booming freelance economy is crucial. The envisioned freelance website should be a platform that offers a lucrative career opportunity to your freelancers.